Our love story

Our love story

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This is our love story

Love is a strange thing. It could come at any moment, in any place, it’s incomparable to any other feeling and it feels as if it gives you wings and makes the world more beautiful. When you’re in love, everyone can understand it when they look at you. There is a different shine in your eyes and the face is full of happiness.

Ah, that feeling of love!

It makes people do strange and uncommon things for them.
The best moment is when you meet the perfect one and every day for many years you are always in love, even more than the previous one.
I don’t know if everyone has met their soulmate, but I’m from the happy people who have found the perfect one. Whether it is fate or stubbornness on the part of Mr. S (I will call my husband that way), I don’t know.

Sometimes I think our love is like a movie. I will now share it with you, of course, in a short version because I’ll otherwise have to write a book.
So, many years ago when we were 12 years old we first met. The strange thing is that we were studying in a school that was not even very big for six years and we never saw each other.
That same summer gathered us in one place for a hike in the mountain for 20 days from our school.
There was the first, pure, and somewhat childish, first love. Of course it was mutual. An innocent love, a new sensation, eye contact, holding hands and kissing cheeks.
Our first love was unforgettable, especially for Mr. S.

How did it continue? Well, not very long. My family moved to live in another neighborhood that was far away. Mr. S was coming for me, and the distance didn’t matter to him. In my opinion, however (strangely how I could have decided that at 12 years) this relationship at a distance has no future. So, that ended the short and exciting relationship with my first love.

Years passed I had a long lasting relationship (5 and a half years), and life continued.
Mr. S didn’t forget about me. He came every year several times to visit, just to see me. He knew my boyfriend, and it was somewhat strange and inappropriate for the three of us to sit down and talk. When he realized that nothing was going to happen between us, he disappeared until the next year. This lasted for several years, and then Mr. S stopped coming.

Seven years passed without the appearance of Mr S.
I was 25 years old and I already had three relationships each for a few years.
And then one day at the right moment, Mr. S came back to my door again. This time my heart was free, and I didn’t see that boy I remembered, but one grown up, real man. I fell in love again at first sight. As if sparks passed through our eyes.
Everything that happened to us was very fast, exciting, beautiful and weird. Even the date of our “second first” date was odd 01.01.2001 (01.01.01). Unforgettable date, right?
And somehow from this day of first dinner to this day we are inseparable 24/7. And every moment and day is wonderful! It is now 2018, and it’s like a few months have passed.

It happens often when we communicate with new people to ask us if we really are what we are. It’s strange for people to see a happy couple that enjoys every moment spent together. And they don’t even know how we can be together. It’s easy! We are just two halves that when they’re joined together, make one whole thing together. We complement each other and support each other.

Whether it is fate or just the tenacity of Mr. S I don’t know. I only know there is only one person in the whole universe for me and I have the incredible luck to be with him!

Life has continued and continues to be like our first date, but now with a unique addition to our amazing son. One more thing for which I am grateful to Mr. S!
I’m writing this post to tell you to not stop looking for the perfect one. He/she’s there somewhere and is waiting for you or as in my case he/she’ll find you. You just need to see it and not miss it.
For those who are already lucky to have a great love I want to say: Do not stop enjoying, appreciating and loving the person next to yourself! Always remember how lucky you are!

Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr. S first of all for not giving up on his first love. Then for all that he gives me during all these years, for the love, for the respect, for the friendship, for our wonderful son, for the support in all my endeavors and the little madness !!!
Thanks for everything!
Thank you for finding me my love!!!


Our love story


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